3 Additional Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing At Social Media

I read some interesting blog posts from Pam Moore and Stacy Kinney about how businesses improperly use social media. Both Pam and Stacy touched on some essential points on how businesses need to make improvements to be more successful with their social media efforts. I thought I’d add my two cents on the subject.

Too many businesses think they can be a social media success overnight. They hear these great stories about other brands being prosperous and want to join in. They become frustrated with their efforts and compare themselves to other companies that are doing well on social media. They give up easily and stop posting. Social media takes time and patience but most of all you have to be consistent. Don’t give up, you’ll get there.

A Band-Aid For Your Business
Social media is not a band-aid for your business. It is not a save-all for your marketing efforts. Social media needs to be integrated with your marketing campaign for it to be most effective. Is your Facebook page on your business cards? Do you include your Twitter link on your e-mail signature? Incorporate social media in all of your marketing and you’ll see better results.

Not Observing
Many businesses fail to listen or observe on the different social media networks. They sign-up with their accounts and jump right in selling their message. If you’re new to social media, take notes and watch some leaders in your industry. See what they’re saying and how they respond to others. Take the time to sit back, observe, and learn the proper etiquette.

Bonus Tip: Not Knowing the Culture
Each social media network has a different culture. You’ll find that LinkedIn is serious about business while Facebook tends to be more social. Know the culture of the social media network and format your content for that audience.

Are there any other ways businesses can improve their social media marketing efforts? What have you learned along your social media journey? Let us know in the comments section below!

2011 Predictions: Top 12 Reasons Businesses Will Fail at Social Media by Pam Moore
Look Who’s Failing at Social Media Marketing by Stacy Kinney

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10 thoughts on “3 Additional Reasons Why Your Business Is Failing At Social Media

  1. Social media is not the “magic wand” that some businesses think it is. You are right on the money here. It takes time and consistency. I like your point about the differences in social media platforms. They are all different and must be learned. Nice post!

    • Thanks Martha! You’re right, so many businesses think that social media will make it all go away and the profits will appear. Not true.

  2. Looks like you gleaned a lot of valuable information from Pam and Stacy, Kristen — tells me you’re a good observer and a good connector. 🙂

    Small business owners (online or brick and mortar), in particular, are constantly craving a panacea. May have been possible in the days of Greek mythology, but NOT in today’s marketplace. Everyone wants instantaneous gratification and turbo-charged success! And they’re under the impression participating in social media means an overnight return on investment.

    A lack of patience, a lack of skill, and a lack of clear understanding of HOW social media works is where the frustration begins.

    As I always like to say …

    No one can build a skyscraper by starting construction on the 40th floor. You’ve got to build the foundation first and that takes time, persistence, and consistent effort.

  3. Great points. People sometimes thing that they can start a twitter account or get on linkedin and they will just automatically get results but it does take work and I always tell people, too, that you have to be consistent at it. You won’t get results if you’re just on there a couple times a month.

    • Thanks Danielle. Many people do have the “build it and they will come” mentality when it comes to social media. Being consistent is key.

  4. I completely agree with what Melanie says here. Social networking will take time (unless of course if you’re Lady Gaga, over 9 million people will listen to what you say!). Consistency is the key!

    • Yes, you have to be consistent. And for some, it’s one of the hardest things to do on social media. But you have to keep at it!

  5. Great info. A lot of people don’t seem to get the socil aspect of socila media and jsut launch straight into “here’s what I sell.. buy from me” whereas its all about making connections and as you say building from there.
    It can all seem overwhelming but I have to say I have become a network and social media junkie! I love discoveing new ways to make connections and build my business and it is so empowering being able to do it myself.
    Thanks for the articles ladies

    • It is fun finding new ways to network and make connections. That’s what it’s all about-right? Being social!

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