Breaking Through My Self-Doubt (Literally!)

My mentor, Lisa Sasevich, puts us through some interesting exercises. In January 2014, the group activity was to walk on broken glass. At our last retreat, she put us through a good one. Honestly, it sounded so simple physically but I underestimated how much mental discipline it took.

The first thing that she instructed us to do was to write down the #1 thing that’s holding us back to achieving success in 2015 on a 6″ x 6″ wooden board. We then had to take that board and walk across a bridge that was as thin as a balance beam. The height of the top of the bridge was 24 inches. Eek! Here’s the hard part: you had to cross the bridge holding your wooden board in front of you. Thank goodness we had spotters on each side.

After you crossed the bridge, you had to break your board martial-arts style. This was my favorite part! I got to channel my inner warrior and smash my board. It was so cool! But you want to know what the hardest part of this was?

The hardest part was facing my #1 fear going over the bridge

I know that sounds weird but it was so tough to have it in my face and I couldn’t look elsewhere. I couldn’t deny that this was the thing that was holding me back from being my best and reaching my goals. Once I crossed the bridge, I couldn’t wait to smash my board because I was tired of looking at it. I wanted to break through it and be rid of it once and for all. Now that I’ve had that experience (it’s still vivid) I’m more aware when self-doubt is coming my way and I can handle it. I know I’m becoming a better entrepreneur and allowing myself to shine.

So, my question to you is: “If this were you and you had to write down the #1 thing that’s holding you back from achieving success in 2015, what would be written on your board?” Comment below to let me know what you would break through!

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