Do It Yourself Marketing Ideas

June is Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month! There are plenty of marketing ideas that business owners can do themselves. All it takes is some time and focus. Here are some great tips to try this month!

1. Refer prospects to your website
Assuming that your web address is on your business cards, this should be automatic. Not only does this save you time but your prospect can gather as much information as they need about your services.

2. Promote jointly with other businesses
This is the one of the best things you can do for your business. Partner with a business that complements your own. You get double the exposure at half the cost!

3. Issue your own membership/rewards program
This is KR Design’s marketing tip for this week. Ask and reward referrals you get from your clients. Your program should clearly say “We want you back.” Not only will your customers come back for great deals but they will spread the word about you, providing free word-of-mouth marketing!

There are many “do it yourself” marketing ideas that you can do for your business. Take an idea and try it! You never know what you may uncover!

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One thought on “Do It Yourself Marketing Ideas

  1. Love it, love it! Already doing two out of the three suggestions. keep sharing the great info! It is helpful, fun and rewarding to try new ways to help yourself.
    -Veronica Campso-Hallstrom, Club Creative Studio

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