In the "7 Things You Need To Monetize Your Facebook Live Broadcasts" Checklist, you will learn how to...

Get more viewers and convert them into clients!

The "7 Things You Need To Monetize Your Facebook Live Broadcasts!" Checklist, shows you how to:

Get more clients!

The #1 thing you can do on your Facebook Live broadcasts to turn potential clients into PAYING clients!

Avoid mistakes! 

Learn the most forgotten element of a Facebook Live broadcast that cost entrepreneurs THOUSANDS in sales!

Keep them watching!

Why summarizing your Facebook Live broadcast in the beginning (not the end!) keeps potential clients watching. 

What people say about Kristen...

"Kristen's instruction introduced me to the world of social media. She has helped me generate marketing ideas that were useful to incorporate in my business with added confidence. Her pulse on media trends and marketing concepts are current and accurate." Veronica Campos-Hallstrom, Club Creative Studio  

"Kristen is a GENIUS when it comes to social media. I have heard her speak on multiple occasions and sat down with her for a social media strategy session. I was blown away every time. Her strategies are smart and effective, yet simple and easy to implement. I felt totally lost when it came to social media for my business and now I have a simple and effective plan to implement saving me hours of time and money. I highly recommend Kristen if you want to optimize your online social presence." Jenee Ariel Dana Ron, Focus Opus, Inc.

Your Facebook Live Mentor, Kristen Robinson

Hi, I'm Kristen Robinson! I'm known as the Lead Generation Specialist of KR Design. When I started out livestreaming, I noticed something...  

As I gained more followers on Periscope, I became known as an expert in my field and was being found by podcast and telesummit hosts. Most of my invitations came because of a broadcast they had seen or one of their followers shared my broadcast. This allowed me to grow my social media following and land more opportunities.  

I also started getting clients! Within months, I landed 2 VIP clients using Periscope and made over $4,000! Thanks to my Periscope broadcasts, I was attracting high level clients.  

I'm not saying all of this to brag, but to inspire you! You CAN make money and get clients with livestreaming. In the "7 Things You Need To Monetize Your Facebook Live Broadcasts" Checklist, I'm going to show you how!