Follow Up!

Following up is so important in business. The difference between a single sale  and repeat business is as simple as following up. You should have a system in place that notifies customers of additional information and keeps your business top of mind. Here are some suggestions on how to follow up with prospects and customers that creates a relationship.

1. Follow up with an e-mail note offering suggestions and education.

2. Send a hand-written thank you note within one week of the purchase. Follow up again a few months later to see if they are enjoying the product or service.

3. E-mail a tips sheet or news update related to your products or services to your previous customers. Make sure it contains useful information, your customers will appreciate it.

There are many ways to follow up with prospects and clients. Always follow up: You don’t know what you could be missing.  A lack of follow up can lead into not only a missed sale but a missed connection or opportunity. Good luck!

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