Keep Your Leads Warm…Incubate!

Do you have a system that keeps your leads warm for conversion? You should have one. When you encounter prospects, they are not always in the position to buy from you. They will need your services in the future, so incubate them. Keep them warm by staying top of mind. You want them to think of you when they are ready to buy.

How can I stay top of mind when they are ready to buy?

Sending a postcard in the mail may be the best way to keep them reminded about your products and services. Make it fun by adding fun facts, inviting them to a trade show, or informing them.

If you use e-mail marketing, auto-responders are a great way to stay top of mind with your prospect. It is a great way to build your rapport, expertise, and the relationship.

Coupons are a great way of incubating your prospects. Not only are you constantly reminding them about your company but you are giving them an incentive to purchase.

Periodic Phone Calls
Some of your prospects might be very personable and a follow-up phone call just might do the trick. You don’t want to over-use this method so be cautious at how often you want to call your prospects.

Social Media
Social Media is becoming a great avenue for customer service. Direct your prospects to your Facebook page so they can stay updated with the latest news regarding your products and services.

What other ways to do you use to incubate your prospects? Let us know in the comments section. Check out our video on keeping your leads warm!

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10 thoughts on “Keep Your Leads Warm…Incubate!

    • One of my clients has had success using postcards as a way to keep in touch with prospects. Thought I’d throw it in there.
      Glad you liked the post and thanks for stopping by!

  1. During my Real Estate lending days I was always sending out postcards. Thank you’s for meeting with them, thank you for closing their transaction and a seasonal postcard went out along with a Happy Birthday postcard! But I have to tell you that was the main reason my clients kept coming back — they always said they enjoyed getting my postcards.

    Today, believe it or not, I send a postcard thru Plaxo for BDay’s and Thankyou’s and am getting a tremendous response. BUT no postage expense 🙂

    Thanks Kristen for sharing your tips and info on this topic – great post!

    • Yes, postcards are your best friend in the real estate world! I would love getting those “Just Sold” postcards!
      Thanks for the tip about Plaxo Lynn! What a great resource and without postage. 🙂

  2. Hi Kristen,

    Social media is what I will use as well as auto-responders. I think more like newsletters so that that I am still in their mind. This will allow the prospects to know I am there to help them whenever the need arises. Actually, I think postcards would be great. There are so many beautiful Italian postcards which I am sure prospects would love to receive 🙂 That would be a huge surprise!

    • Thanks for stopping by Diana! I’m going in the auto-responder route as well. I have a monthly newsletter but I’m thinking of changing the schedule.
      So many ways to stay top of mind! Let me know how postcards work for you.

  3. I use cards/postcards (SendOutCards), an autoresponder (courses, newsletter) and social media. This is a really great post, Kristen. It’s so important to focus here, but so many people neglect it.

    • You’re right Leanne, they do and it’s really important. In a way, it’s like following-up.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Courtesy never goes wrong. I love the picture but wonder if it would keep them hot not warm.
    There is a fine balance between keeping in touch though and annoying people. And what annoys one person, does not bother the next and vice versa. It is not always easy to provide value for everyone even within your target market.

    • True Roberta. For this post, I meant keep them warm. The prospects will desire your services and become “hot prospects” over time.
      Incubating them gives you time to build your credibility and trust, all the while staying visible.

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