5 Lessons I Learned From Facebook Empire Live

FB-Empire-Live-Group-Photo-Blog-PostI did it! I completed my FIRST 3 day live event! Even though it’s been about 2 weeks since it happened, I’m still in awe that I did it. I’ll never forget when I set the date for Facebook Empire Live back in February 2015. I was so scared even though it was more than 1 year away. At the time, I had no idea how I would do it or even where the people would come from. But with some strategic planning, I was able to pull it off! And now, here are 5 things I learned from being an event host. As much as I would love to say there were things I could’ve prevented beforehand, most of these lessons I wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t host my event in the first place. Read More→

How I Got Over 21,000 Hearts in 1 Periscope Broadcast

My 100th broadcast on Periscope was such a special milestone for me. To press the red button 100 times and put myself out there in the Periscope and Twitter universe was cause for a celebration. I decided to host an amazing scope experience where I answered questions about Facebook Ads and give away some cool prizes.

What I failed to realize was that I had created one of the biggest marketing opportunities for my business. I really had no intention of marketing my business for my 100th scope, I just wanted to celebrate something special that I had accomplished. But what transpired turned out to be bigger than what I had anticipated or expected: over 21,000 hearts + 67 live viewers + hundreds of people seeing tweets about MY scope all over Twitter = MASSIVE visibility! How did it happen? Good question and I’ll share the 3 things I did so you can do them too! Read More→

HootSuite Certified Professional Kristen J Robinson, EzineArticles Basic Author