Real Estate Marketing: Lead Capturing

In today’s environment, the buyer has the leverage. With plummeting home prices, tax credits and benefits, and a wide inventory of homes on the market, the buyer is in a great position. You as a real estate agent, want to capture the ideal buyer: one who is ready to buy, has the pre-approval letter in hand, knows their price range, and what they are looking for. How do you find a buyer of that caliber? Here’s how…

1. Ask Questions and Listen
Asking questions can determine whether or not a lead is a good potential client-now or in the future. It is human nature that people like to talk and be listened to. By asking questions and listening attentively, you allow your clients to express their thoughts and be heard. This also allows you to determine their objectives and what they are looking for. If you ask sincere questions and listen, they will believe you are showing concern and that you are genuine.

2. Know Your Client
Getting to know your client is crucial. Start this process by using this step: communication. By communicating with your client, you will show them that you have their best interest at heart and clarify any lingering issues. Remember that a business professional helps customers make intelligent buying decisions. This is accomplished by communication and relating to their needs.

3. Build A Relationship
Once you start to get to know your client, start building a relationship. Customers do business with people they know, like, and trust. Think about what it takes to build a relationship. It all goes back to communication and being genuine about your client’s needs. Be personable, send a thank you note, and keep in touch on holidays and the anniversary of the purchase of the home. Once you build a relationship with your client, they will begin to trust you and pass referrals to you.

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