Sports Marketing: Summer Marketing

Summer is here and it is a great time for sports! The weather is beautiful and everyone is dying to get outside and take advantage. If your sport is a fall sport, now is the time to be marketing your team and gain fans. Starting 2-3 months out from your first game gives you plenty of time and opportunity to gain a following. With recreation sports, sports clinics, and youth sports at a high during the summer, you have many avenues to advertise and get your sports team noticed!

How do I gain a fan base? Where do I start? Start with a plan. Think about what type of audience you want for your sports team. Is it a family-oriented sports event? Is your sports environment more conducive to adults? Think very carefully about the fan base you want to achieve for your sports team.

Once you’ve identified your audience, think about the things your target market likes to do. For instance, if your sports games are family-oriented, think about what families like to do or how you would find them. Marketing through youth sports is a great idea. Also, be creative! Having an ad in the youth sports program is an idea and also think about promotional products. Kids love them, hold onto them, and bring them to their parent’s attention.

Whatever your marketing strategy is, make a plan and start today! Remember, KR Design is here to help!

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