What!? It Takes Time to Build A Relationship?

At a business networking event last week, one of the attendees complained to me. He said, “I don’t think I’m going to attend this event anymore. No one wants to buy from me.” I pointed out that he had only attended the event twice and no one had the chance to really get to know him. “Networking is what gets you in the door,” I explained. “It’s up to you to build the relationship.” I received a confused look and began to explain… Continue reading

Don’t Be A Network Hog!

Networking is one of the most effective ways to market your business. It gives you the opportunity to meet potential customers face-to-face and qualify them. I love attending network events. I meet new people and re-acquaint myself with connections in my network. I’ve also been watching myself recently to make sure that I’m not a “network hog”. Continue reading