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Every Event Is A Networking Event

My husband and I have this running joke.
I always carry my business cards with me in my purse. He says that I’m ready to do business at any time, even at the grocery store. I laugh at him but we both know it’s the truth. I’m always prepared. To me, anywhere I go, any event I attend, there can be a networking opportunity.

This has proven to be true at the office supply store. There were several opportunities when I met people getting copies made or just shopping for office supplies. Makes sense since my business is B2B, that the office supply store would be a perfect place for me to hang out. Thankfully, I’m armed with these tools: Read More→

Are You “Comfortably” Networking?

At a networking event, there are times when you know no one at the event. You begin to panic and find someone you know. This is ok, it allows you to observe others at the event and possibly find someone to talk to. Try not to get too comfortable in your circle of familiar faces. If you find yourself talking with people you know for fifteen minutes or more, your are “comfortably” networking.

Networking is to exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business (Thank you Merriam-Webster!). Note the word “productive“. To have a conversation with people you see once a week is not necessarily productive at the event. Here are some ways to nip “comfort” networking: Read More→