Why Consistency is Key in Social Media

In social media, there so many keys to success: great content, the timing of your content, how much is too much or too little…and so on. The biggest one is consistency. You have to be consistent with your posts, tweets, and updates. What good is great information if it’s not ready and available?

When you’re not consistent in your updates, it’s hard to follow you. Your audience doesn’t know when information will be available and when it’s not there. If you don’t feed your audience when it wants information, they’ll leave hungry, and go elsewhere for the information that they’re seeking. Be consistent to maintain and grow your following.

Streams of sudden updates are annoying. If you’re not consistent when you post on social media,  you tend to create random bursts on applications such as TweetDeck and HootSuite. There’s nothing worse than monitoring your social media and a blast of tweets/updates springs up, blocking other people and information.

It also shows you don’t care. By not being consistent in your social media marketing, you’re showing that you don’t care about your supporters. It’s as if you have the “I can post whenever I want” attitude. In social media, it’s not about you. It’s about the people who follow you and choose to do so based on the quality of information that you give.

If you’re having trouble being consistent, make a calendar. Schedule in the times that you want to update on the social media networks and fill in the calendar with what you posted at that time. Also, sign-up for apps like HootSuite to schedule your posts in advance.

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What has helped you be consistent in social media? Let us know in the comments section below!

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2 thoughts on “Why Consistency is Key in Social Media

  1. This is great and so true! I often find it a challenge to keep up with my own accounts! But I notice when I am more consistent good things start happening, lol! I think for me it is a matter of just scheduling it in everyday. And if I don’t get it in I try to make sure I get on it first thing the next day!

    • It is hard to find the time to post. Do you use HootSuite? I love it. I try to schedule in all of my posts about a week in advance. It usually takes me an hour or two on a Saturday.

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