What People Are Saying About KR Design

“Diane and I have worked with Kristen on developing our social networking skills over the last year and a half. Diane and I provided a real challenge to Kristen, due to the fact that we where technically challenged. Through her patience, clear explanations of the social networks, we have gained a handle on these! Kristen is readly available, and answers questions on clear and concise level. She has been great to work with.”
John and Diane Ritchie, Landmark Homes

“Kristen’s instruction introduced me to the world of social media. She has helped generate marketing ideas that were useful to incorporate in my business with added confidence. I also called upon her business to provide functional information in print for my jewelry making business. Her pulse on media trends and marketing concepts are current and accurate. Not one of my many questions were ever left unanswered.”
Veronica Campos-Hallstrom, Club Creative Studio

“Kristen knows her stuff. She can teach anyone the in and outs of social media.”
Grace Haubrich, Coldwell Banker Fountain Realty

“I attended Kristen’s Social Networking class to get a better handle on using the Social networks in my marketing. Kristen provided a good overview to the Social Networks and how to apply them to our individual businesses. I found her to be very knowledgeable and willing to answer all our questions. I highly recommend her Social Networking class.”
Walter Whitehurst, Wilkinson & Associates

“Kristen is a Social Media rock star. It was a blast working with her when she was a guest blogger for me. She was professional, punctual and on-point. She’s welcome back any time. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”
Gregory Herman, GregoryHerman.net

“I hired KR Design to help my business expands its social media understanding. I was unable to take the classes, so I did a private consultation. I have experience with social media, but Kristen’s expertise far surpassed my doodling. In a 2 hour meeting, Kristen showed me how I could save 10 hours of work a week and still participate in social media on an intense daily level. She also had ideas for ways to do scheduling and payments that would incorporate into my website so I didn’t have to hire a secretary or virtual assistant. I wish I would have met KR Design sooner! Finally, Kristen is extremely professional. She had notes, questions, and emails printed out ahead of time and stayed on target the entire meeting.”
Kirsten Frisch, The Gentle Canine

“Kristen has expert knowledge in Social Media applications. I took a class she offered on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Being from an older generation that did not have these types of technology, she was able to get me started and create a beginning “confort zone” to use these applications. I’m still learning, have a long way to go, but at least I have accounts set up and I’m starting to navigate around them. I can also hire Kristen as a Social Media Consultant as I need more expert help with my Social Media Marketing Plan in the near future for my businesses.”
Priscilla Livingston, Priscilla’s Crystal Coast Wine Consulting

“My experience with Kristen from KR Design has been outstanding. I came to her with some very difficult problems concerning our social media for my company, A Dog’s Dream. With her in-depth knowledge of social media she was able to solve our problem within an hour. She saved me hours of frustration and in-turn saved me money from having to hire a company to run out social media. With Kristen’s help, we are now able to better communicate and interact with our customers. I would highly recommend Kristen and KR Design for any of your social media or marketing needs. I believe in her so much that I took her Social Media 201 class to learn even more ways to effectively use social media.”
Dan Spangler, A Dog’s Dream


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