Your Facebook Questions Answered: Does Boosting Posts Really Work?

I get A LOT of Facebook Ad questions, but one of the biggest questions I get is “Does boosting my Facebook post really work and attract clients?” So, I wasn’t too surprised that when I was asked to do a Q&A session for Allison Volk’s #BlogStar program, it was one of the first questions to come up.

To answer the question about boosting Facebook posts…not really. If you’re using the “Boost Post” button to get more engagement, than by all means boost away! If you’re looking to get clients and people interested in your products and services, then no. I even explain the results of my experiment (boosting posts vs. using the Power Editor for Facebook Ads) on the video with Allison! Read More→

Is Your Resistance Keeping You From Growing Your Business?

Waimea BayMy husband’s best friend is visiting from 29 Palms this week. I’m so honored that he decided to spend his birthday week with us! It’s been so much fun to use him as an excuse to do all the things we’ve ever wanted to do in Hawaii. He even had a list of things he wanted to do during his visit. He’s seen Pearl Harbor, hiked Diamond Head, visited the blow hole, ate at food trucks, went to a luau, and of course the beach. We decided to go to Waimea Bay on the North Shore. I have never been there, so I was really looking forward to it!

What I wasn’t looking forward to was the ferocity of the waves. Of course on this day, the waves were breaking late on the shore and were a little choppy. The lifeguard kept repeating warnings about how dangerous it was for little children to be in the water and that they had to be accompanied by an adult. So, you get the idea: rough waves did not equal the leisurely swimming in the ocean, which I was planning for. Read More→

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