What It Took For Me to Finally Take A Timeout For Myself

Thanksgiving Newsletter Article ImageIt’s been pretty quiet in my house these last few days and for good reason. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been entertaining guests. When you live in Hawaii, you get used to it. After my in-laws arrived, I got a phone call from my one of my closest friends and colleagues, Stephanie. She was very excited because she had a couple of days off from work and wanted to come to Hawaii. Without hesitation, I told her yes that she could come! The day after my in-laws left, Stephanie arrived excited and ready to enjoy her 3 days in Hawaii. Read More→

Behind the Scenes: 5 Lessons I Learned from Hosting a Summit

KR Design hosted it FIRST virtual event recently: The Aloha Summit! It was a 2 day event with a 6 speaker lineup, including yours truly.

Coordinating a summit is a lot of work! I don’t know what I was thinking to put together a summit in 3 weeks time. It’s like I woke up on August 1 and said to myself: “I want to put a summit together. Hmmm…I can fit it in my calendar in 3 weeks. Ok, let’s go!” I’m so happy that some of my friends and colleagues are used to my craziness and could come together at the last minute to help me out.

Some of you have been asking me, “Well, how did it go?” For an event that came together in 3 weeks and was only being marketed for 1 week, I think it went pretty well. Here are the two things that I’m most proud of… Read More→

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