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My husband and I at the Pacific Business News Women Who Mean Business Event

My husband and I at the Pacific Business News Women Who Mean Business Event

 It’s official! I am a 2014 Pacific Business News Women to Watch Honoree! Yipee!  It’s such an honor to receive this award. There were more than 30 nominations and only 17 women were honored. To hear the accomplishments of the women who were honored humbled me. As I look at this award on my desk, I feel a surge of inspiration and determination to live up to the title of “Woman to Watch”.

Last evening, many business owners and professionals looked at my business in a whole new light. Most of my conversations with attendees started out as: “KR Design? What does your company do?…Social Media? Oh wow!” KR Design was starting to build credibility in an arena that we had never been exposed to. It was such a great feeling!

So, how does social media fit into all of this? I’m glad you asked! Here’s how it works… Read More→

How to Create Social Media Content in Less Than 20 Minutes!

Creating social media content is harder than it looks. Believe it or not, social media content is one of MY biggest challenges. Over the weekend, I was committed to conquering it. In under 20 minutes, not only did I have enough content for Facebook but for my LinkedIn profile, and over 80% of my Twitter content. Not bad for 20 minutes! Check out the
KR Design Monday Marketing Minute and let us know how you conquered the Social Media Content Beast!

7 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Get More Speaking Engagements

Chaminade University Alumni Weekend

Me with the President of Chaminade University and the Director of Career Development. My husband came too!

I have a secret to tell you! I recently had my FIRST paid speaking engagement! I’m still on Cloud Nine from it all. I never thought that a university in my own backyard would ask me to speak at one of their functions. It started when I first arrived! They had “Reserved Parking” for me. I know, not really a big deal-right? But it made me feel really special. I was even recognized as a VIP at the reception afterwards and got my picture with the President!

How did this come about? Well, a client and colleague introduced me to someone and they referred me to the department putting on the event. To be truthful,  the real magic came from LinkedIn. The person planning the event was impressed by my LinkedIn recommendations and the endorsements I had for Social Media, Facebook, and other social media related topics. Read More→

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