The Business View with Kristen Robinson

Launching March 27, 2014!

Small business is changing the world and economic perspectives around the globe. Who are these people that are making changes in people’s lives every day with the passion that they bring to their profession?

Join Kristen Robinson of KR Design each week as she interviews business owners and professionals who are passionate about their mission in the world and saying “YES!” to opportunities to play a bigger game.

Special Guests featured in the initial launch weeks include:
Jeff Orig, Owner and Videographer of Orig Media
Jenee Dana, Best-selling Author of “Have Fun and Get It Done”
Jodi Uehara, Promotional Products expert of C&S Sales
Kaylee Spinhirn, Owner and Operations Expert of Spinhirn Solutions
Nate Burgoyne, Owner and Internet Marketer of Integrity Online Marketing
Charlie Teixeira, 6-Figure Business Owner of North Shore Embroidery

Join Kristen on the KR Design YouTube Channel to watch current and previous episodes!

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