How I Got Over 21,000 Hearts in 1 Periscope Broadcast

My 100th broadcast on Periscope was such a special milestone for me. To press the red button 100 times and put myself out there in the Periscope and Twitter universe was cause for a celebration. I decided to host an amazing scope experience where I answered questions about Facebook Ads and give away some cool prizes.

What I failed to realize was that I had created one of the biggest marketing opportunities for my business. I really had no intention of marketing my business for my 100th scope, I just wanted to celebrate something special that I had accomplished. But what transpired turned out to be bigger than what I had anticipated or expected: over 21,000 hearts + 67 live viewers + hundreds of people seeing tweets about MY scope all over Twitter = MASSIVE visibility! How did it happen? Good question and I’ll share the 3 things I did so you can do them too!

1) I spread the word in the Facebook Groups that I was active in
This wasn’t too hard because I’m active in 4 Facebook Groups, 2 of which are mine. In the 2 Facebook groups that were mine, I created an event and invited all the members to come. In the groups that weren’t mine, I did a special video inviting them to my 100th scope and directed them to the event that I created using my Facebook Business page. The event page had all the details, including how to win the prizes and a link to my Periscope profile. I also reminded everyone the day before about the event.

2) I did short broadcasts on Periscope leading up to the 100th scope event
About a week prior to the 100th scope event, I did short broadcasts on Periscope giving people the details of the event, i.e. when it was, what the prizes were, and how to win. I do not have a massive following on Periscope and frankly, you don’t need to. If people share your broadcast, it’ll reach the people that follow them and you’ll create a viral effect. As I did these short scopes, people were sharing them on Twitter and Periscope and more people began to follow me on Periscope. The word began to spread as the 100th scope event got closer thanks to these short scopes.

3) I attracted people with prizes that THEY liked
For the prizes, I thought about what my followers would like and something that was easy for me to deliver. Entrepreneurs LOVE Amazon, so that was a given. Amazon gift cards can be delivered via email. I also know that many people who follow me on Twitter and Periscope love to travel and that’s how the Delta gift card came in to play. These gift cards can also be delivered via email. Lastly, the grand prize, the Facebook Ad Campaign, was something that’s easy for me to do (that is MY business after all, Facebook Ads!) and I knew that having that as the grand prize would get a lot of attention. It’s super important to have prizes that your followers are going to love because that creates the incentive for them to show up live.

And that’s how it happened! One thing that I’m excited about was that I asked the viewers if they loved it and wanted me to do it again. They said yes and I made a promise: I would do it again for my 250th Periscope broadcast. I hope you’ll join me! You can follow me here on Periscope.

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