3 Secrets You Need to Know to Build a Successful Social Media Community

Sloane Ketcham (Community Curator at Hive Hawaii) and me at Community Day

I had a wonderful time at Hive Hawaii’s first Community Day. The Community Day included various workshops throughout the day (two given by yours truly!) and a free day for you to work and check out the space. As the day wore on, I could see why the Hive is so special. The creators, Sloane and Kameron Ketcham, really want to promote a place where freelancers, independent workers, and business owners can get out from the seclusion from their home office and meet other people. They want to create an environment that is an inspirational workplace for people to learn, collaborate, and cross pollinate.

In a lot of ways, what Sloane and Kameron are building is no different than what you would want for your social media community. As you build your community (or tribe) for your business through social media channels, you want a loyal community and one that you love to serve with your products and services. A community that gets you excited to do what you do best. Sounds great – doesn’t it?

This doesn’t have to be dream or something that you wish to happen. You can put the pieces in place to build a great community. Just keep these 3 secrets in mind, if you want to build a successful social media community…

1. Your community should promote learning
Although you may provide a service or a product, people have some interest in learning about your business and what you do. Your customers and prospects are amazed at what you do because you provide a solution to something they can’t or don’t want to do. This is a “wow” factor for them! From time to time, post photos about your process or a great client story about how you have helped someone. This gives insight on what you do and skyrockets your value on what you provide.

2. Encourage your community to get to know each other
One of the best ways to build a community (virtual or in-person) is people building relationships with each other. There’s just something about human interaction…we as people, love it! The more your community gets to know each other, the more loyal your community becomes. Encourage your tribe to get to know one another via private Facebook Groups for your programs or sponsoring a live customer appreciation event. As your community gets together, you’ll find that they will partner with each other, mentor one another, and even find a new client for themselves. Your community will take note that what you offer is more than just your brand, product, or service. It’s a place where they can receive support and have a lasting transformation in their lives.

3. Like Attracts Like!
You’ll find as you build your community that you’ll attract like-minded people. You can start the process now by looking at your community and see what they have in common. What are the social media posts that they love most? What words resonate with them? Use this language to promote your products, services, and even events to attract like-minded people to your social media profiles and pages. The benefits of having a like-minded community is that everyone is one the same page, working towards the same goal. When you have a group of people working towards the same goal, that is a powerful movement! This too will build a stronger social media community.

 Can you imagine what your social media community would be like when you implement these 3 secrets? Comment below to let me know how this would benefit your business and the business success you would have! I would love to hear it! 

2 thoughts on “3 Secrets You Need to Know to Build a Successful Social Media Community

  1. Kristen,
    Thank you so much for the shout out and the awesome blog, I love the tips and this statement! “A community that gets you excited to do what you do best.” It’s why we become entrepreneurs 🙂 KEEP ON ROCK’N it sister and thank you for all you do for us at the HIVE & our small biz community at large!

    • You’re very welcome Sloane! I had so much fun and THANK YOU for being an example. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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