Happiness Happens

With August around the corner, I had to look at theĀ Chase Calendar to see how special August truly was. Did you know August is National Inventor’s Month, National Panini Month, and Audio Appreciation Month? There are some other special themes as well, such as What Will Be Your Legacy Month, American Adventures Month, and Happiness Happens Month.

Even though Happiness Happens Month is August, I couldn’t help but think of how special July has been for KR Design. We have obtained the most projects this month than any other month (hope the same is true for August!) and have made some strong connections with a couple of influential business owners. That carries a lot of weight when it comes to brand awareness and word-of-mouth marketing.

How will Happiness Happens Month play a role in your business next month? First, think about the goals you would like to achieve. Do you want to increase sales or brand awareness? Do you want to increase your client base? Once you’ve nailed down your goal, plan on how to get there. Reaching goals always increases happiness and even though you plan for it, you never know how it will happen. Will Happiness Happens Month be the best month for your business?

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