How to Create Social Media Content in Less Than 20 Minutes!

Creating social media content is harder than it looks. Believe it or not, social media content is one of MY biggest challenges. Over the weekend, I was committed to conquering it. In under 20 minutes, not only did I have enough content for Facebook but for my LinkedIn profile, and over 80% of my Twitter content. Not bad for 20 minutes! Check out the
KR Design Monday Marketing Minute and let us know how you conquered the Social Media Content Beast!

2 thoughts on “How to Create Social Media Content in Less Than 20 Minutes!

  1. Hey Kristen,

    Excellent! I do something similar. I have designated each day of the week to cover a different topic. This is our weekly layout:

    Sunday’s = Inspirational Quote from the Hawaii Wisdom Project (our documentary project)
    Monday’s = Mindset Monday to get your attitude primed and ready for the week
    Tuesday’s = Film Tip to become a better filmmaker
    Wednesday’s = Wedding Wednesday’s tips to help our wedding clients
    Thursday’s = Film Tip to become a better filmmaker
    Friday’s = Story that is licensed under Creative Commons is released for use by the public
    Saturday’s = Business Tip to help our corporate clients

    I use the WordPress Plugin: WordPress Editorial Calendar to help schedule all of the posts.

    Also, I wrote a quick little blog post on 15 different types of blog posts. Check it out here:

    Kristen, thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks Jeff! WordPress Editorial Calendar is a favorite plugin of mine as well. Glad you have some themes for your Facebook page!

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