MWIB Radio 025: Say “No!” and Be Focused With Heather Lehman

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Heather Sayers Lehman has mastered the art of overcoming. Heather left a childhood home of drug addiction, public assistance and chaos during her senior year of high school. In her 30s, she created a series of epic disasters and decided it was time to get her “stuff” together! She became the hero of her own story and began mentoring others on overcoming. Heather created a business to help busy mothers stop people pleasing, feeling guilty and playing small AKA getting your “stuff” together!

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Kristen’s 3 Key Takeaways

Takeaway #1: Delegating Can Extend To Your Personal Life
Handing things off that you’re not gifted or skilled at can go beyond your business and extend into your personal life. Heather mentions that she hires someone to come and clean her house. Why? Because her expertise does not lie in cleaning and she wants to focus on her mission in the world. She can’t focus on her mission in the world by getting dust bunnies under the couch. Nothing will get done in her business and she’ll stay at the same level, never progressing if she can’t focus. Another perspective she gave about hiring someone is that you’re providing work for somebody else who wants work, needs work, and has a family to support. Love it!

Takeaway #2: Procrastination is Fear
Procrastination is purely fear so what is your fear? Are you afraid of failing? Are you afraid of being successful? Are you afraid of putting yourself out there and being criticized? It’s so easy to give in and be fearful of what other people think. Procrastination can take on many forms but to really get rid of it you have to be comfortable with who you are. It’s about accepting and loving yourself. The more comfortable with who are you, the less you’re going to be afraid of putting yourself out there and receiving criticism. You’re going to feel more confident and procrastinate less because you have the fear under control.

Takeaway #3: Remember Why You’re In The Game
Why are you in business? What’s the point? When you remember why you’re in the game, it allows you to take command. You know your audience needs you and you don’t have time to be wasting on activities that don’t serve your business or your audience. When it’s not clear why you’re in business or you don’t love what you do, it’s hard to focus because you don’t care. When you’re clear in your purpose, it’s easier to be true to yourself and respect your time. You have the confidence to know that what you have to offer is really important and that you need to get out there. You have an inherent worthiness and you know what you offer is good stuff!

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