Text Surprise

At KR Design, pretty interesting things tend to happen: amazing referrals, ideal projects, meeting dream networking contacts at the most peculiar places. When our owner told us this story, we had to put it on the blog. Enjoy!

“Normally, keeping in touch with my network is not a difficult task. Ever since KR Design started, it has been pretty hard. Imagine my surprise when I got a text message from an old football teammate (yes, women’s professional football exists and it’s awesome!). She was sending me her new phone number and a text conversation ensued. I found out something interesting about my friend. She was now a MMA fighter!

My teammate was pretty ferocious on the field and I did remember her being an amateur boxer, but definitely not a MMA fighter. I would’ve remembered something like that. I called her and found out that she’s about to turn pro and sign with Strikeforce. I expressed my congratulations and told her about my business. She immediately became excited, because she was looking for a web designer and knew some other fighters who wanted a website as well.

I could barely contain myself! What luck! Not only do I get to partner with my former teammate but now I can combine two loves: marketing and sports! That was definitely the best text message I have gotten!”

Watch the MMA fights here
Women’s Professional Football: IWFL & WFA

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