3 Small Steps to Get Your Social Media Back on Track

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Many business owners get very frustrated when it comes to social media. Everything seems to change so fast and keeping up with it is a full-time job (of course it is, that’s why I’m in business!). I think the worst of it is that there seems so many roads to social media success and most entrepreneurs don’t know where to start because there is no clear roadmap or path.

Just like any other marketing strategy, you have to find out what’s best for you and your business. Social media is about being “social”. It has to fit your personality style but also the style of your business. No one can decide that better than you. For instance, you might love to train and teach people but you’re terrified of doing videos. Does that mean YouTube is the right social media platform for your and your business? 

If you’ve set up your social media profiles and pages, here are 3 clear steps you can take towards social media success. No one zooms to the top and is successful right away. Social media marketing takes time and it begins with a single step.

1. Learn from your competitors, don’t be a copycat!
It’s always good to look at your competitors or within your industry for ideas, but let those be examples for you. Believe it or not, your competitor doesn’t do things the way YOU do them. That’s why people are attracted to you! You have a certain style or a particular way of how you perform your service. What works for your competitor may not work for you. If you see a good idea, think about how you can put your own unique flavor into it. Your competitor may offer a coupon or discount on Facebook. Think of how you can make that same idea work for your business. Maybe you add a free gift or you create your own special theme (Christmas in July – who knows?) around that coupon. Make it YOU!

2. Who are your MVP clients?
This is a hard one for most business owners and entrepreneurs because they don’t want to miss out on any clients. But there’s something you have to realize: not everyone is going to be your client!  Sad, but true. Look at your client list closely and think about who you truly love to work with. What are the similarities of these people? Are they all women, men, married, have children, participate in a certain kind of hobby, do they have the same occupation, or industry? Make a list of these similarities and see what opens up for you. You might be surprised!

3. What Does Your Audience Want?
The key to social media success is giving your audience what they want. Emphasis on “what they want”, not what you think they want from you. The best way to get this information is to ask your audience. People love to be a part of a project and love to help. If your audience feels like it had a part of creating your social media content, they’re more apt to read it and engage with it. One of my favorite ways to ask my audience is to create a survey every quarter and ask them for their participation. One of my colleagues calls me “The Survey Queen”. The information that my community provides me is so detailed and I even get ideas of what programs to create next. It’s all about thinking of the best ways to serve my community. 

 Can you imagine what your social media marketing would be like when you implement these 3 secrets? Comment below to let me know how this would benefit your business and the business success you would have! I would love to hear it! 

2 thoughts on “3 Small Steps to Get Your Social Media Back on Track

  1. Point #3 is so very important, Kristen, and you seem to be doing it conssistently, that is, surveying your clients to find out what they need. I recorded an audio earlier tonight and made the point that we may think we’re doing great but it’s important to survey our customers to know if we’re truly satisfying their needs.

    Love that you do this so that you’re called the “Survey Queen.” All great points to improve our success on social media. Thank you.

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