7 Takeaways on What the Experts Say to Get More Fans on Facebook

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I was reading a wonderful article Melonie Dodaro from Top Dog Social Media on what 10 experts had to say about growing your Facebook posts having an organic (reaching more people with no Facebook ads) reach. You can read the article here: Click here to read the article

I’m always up for reading the latest industry news but this one really had me intrigued. It’s seems like EVERYONE is talking about Facebook ads nowadays, no one stops to think about the non-paid ways to reach customers on Facebook. 

So for those of you who think you have to do Facebook ads all the time to get new likes: listen up! It’s definitely good to use Facebook ads (don’t get me wrong) but I think too many people are caught up in the face that they think that’s all they have to do to get results on Facebook. And that’s not true. 

I loved this article (you will too!) so I thought I’d share my top 7 takeaways. Comment below and let me know if you agree! Here we go…

1. Organic Facebook Reach is Not Dead
I really think that 90% of business owners think that all they need to do is Facebook ads on most of their posts and they’ll grow their Facebook page. It’s an interesting observation that is false. I truly believe Facebook ads really help in your organic reach as well. When people start to visit your page because of the ad, there’s activity that continues after the ad. People really like what you’re posting and they want to come back. Yes, you should do Facebook ads but don’t forget about why you’re doing them: to reach more people and get more customers. There’s also an organic after effect to take advantage of.   

2. The Shift to “Other People’s Content”
I’ve been noticing a shift to posting more and more content that is not your own. For some reason, this freaks business owners out. The thought of posting content that is not their own has them scared that their Facebook fans will go elsewhere. Not entirely true. We truly are in the age of “relationship marketing”. Think of that person that you call on when you need something: why do you contact them? Because you know they will give you the best person to do the job. And the next time you need something? You go back to that same person and ask again. The same goes for your Facebook page. Fans will keep coming back because you’re reliable and you have good resources. They trust you and that’s the key in “relationship marketing”.  

3. It’s All About Being “Social”
I’ve said this over and over again and I’m glad this article hits the point home: Social media is all about being social. This means that your fans want to see more than just the business side of you. Your Facebook fans also want to see the personal side of you. There’s something about humans on the level that we love to connect. The best way to connect to your audience is show them that you are human just like they are. You’re not some CEO or business owner that works 24/7/365 and you’re no fun! Give your audience reasons to connect with you. I’m not saying that we need to know what you had for breakfast but you can give a video on an inspirational thought or even ask your audience their opinion on something. This will go a long way in seeing more engagement on your page. 

4. Your PTAT score? What is that?
I’m not even going to lie. When I read this in the article, I was shocked. You mean to tell me Facebook really cares about that? Really? Your PTAT score (People Talking About This) is how you measure your posts being “viral”. It’s how you can determine if your fans are willing to spread the word about you to your friends. I know it’s important but I never really looked at the stat from that perspective before. Crazy right? It’s ok, I won’t tell if you’re never looked at it before.  

5. Think Beyond the Share
Some of us can’t think past the comment, let alone the share. In the article, they talk about not just getting your Facebook fans to share your posts but creating people who are willing to constantly sing your praises. Think about these people as your best fans who are willing to share you to their friends and family without you begging them to! How do you do that? Create social media content that will inspire and motivate others to share it for you. Now, that’s powerful! 

6. Post at 2am daily
Ok, this one really threw me for a loop. Who does that? Apparently, an expert who knows what he’s talking about. Instead of trying to make sense of this takeaway, I’ll just say try it and let me know if this worked for you (I’m going to try it!).  

7. Always have a Call-To-Action
So I’m not crazy after all! I say this a lot in my blog posts and presentations but I’m glad someone else verified it for me. When you have a call to action in your social media posts (i.e. “Like this if you agree”, “Comment below and let me know your thoughts”, etc), people really do the action specified. The key is to also explain why you’re asking for that call to action. When people know why you’re asking, they’re more inclined to help. Your Facebook fans are no different. Keep in mind to have one call-to-action per Facebook post. You want to make it very clear on the action you want your fans to take.  

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