Monday Marketing Minute: Does Facebook Live Mean the Death of Periscope?

KR Design Monday Marketing Minute: With Facebook Live, does this mean the death of Periscope?

Posted by KR Design on Monday, August 17, 2015

We’re witnessing the dawn of a new era for social media. People like me and other online marketers are celebrating in the streets, while business owners are going “Ugh! Another thing to add to my business…just great!” Whether you’re happy about it or not, video marketing should now be at the forefront of your social media marketing strategy.

So, what does this mean for you, the entrepreneur? There’s so many tools out there to get the job done, especially with the popularity of Periscope and Facebook announcing “Facebook Live” where you can stream from your Facebook Business page.

The key is meet your audience on the social media platform they’re at. If you’re rockin’ it on Facebook, get ready for Facebook Live. If you know that Twitter is where your audience is, start scoping on Periscope. You want to make sure that the video streaming app you’re using caters to your audience so you can build the relationship and keep the connection going. After all, isn’t that what “social” media is all about?

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