Marketing Festivals & Events: Do It Yourself Marketing Ideas

June is Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month and we here at KR Design thought it would be great to include some easy do-it-yourself marketing ideas you can use to market your events.

1. After Action Plan/Survey Feedback
Have you looked at your After Action Plan from last year’s event? Why not? By looking at the feedback from last year’s event, you can identify new customers, sponsors, and possibly a new market that you have overlooked. 

2. Speak to Local Groups
Making a presentation of your event to local groups boosts visibility about your event but it also creates a street team, marketing your event to others! This is especially essential if your event benefits a charity. Inform the community of your mission!

3. Participation
With summer upon us, there are many holidays surrounding us. Take advantage of these opportunities and participate. March in a parade or hold a booth at a festival. By getting the word out about your event, you are increasing the chances of a successful event.  

There are many “do it yourself” marketing ideas that you can do for your event. Take an idea and try it today!

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