Real Estate Marketing: Do It Yourself Marketing Ideas

In celebration of Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month, we came up with specific ideas to help real estate agents.

1. Open House
Host an open house that is specifically for the public. Neighbors are always curious about the house for sale, and will spread the word about the house that’s for sale in their neighborhood. Now you have created your own sales force!

2. Volunteer
Volunteering is not only good for the community, it also provides an opportunity for you to meet new people. Expanding your network is powerful and you never know where the next lead is going to come from. 

3. Provide Value
Your clients are not looking for price, they really want value. Are you providing value to your real estate services? If you are not completely sure, ask your clients for feedback. They will be honest!

There are many “do it yourself” marketing ideas that you can do for your yourself. Try an idea and track the results! You never know what you may uncover!

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2 thoughts on “Real Estate Marketing: Do It Yourself Marketing Ideas

  1. I really like your idea of having an open house to enlist the help of neighbors. I’ve been trying to sell my mother’s house since she passed away and I have had no success. The house is located on a dead end street so there is hardly any traffic through it. I don’t have enough money to advertise a lot, so an open house would be a perfect way to get the word out. Real Estate

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