Marketing Festivals & Events: Opportunities

Opportunities are truly blessings in disguise, especially when they come by way of surprise. When marketing for events and festivals, opportunities are essential. How do you keep opportunities coming your way? Here are some marketing methods to keep those opportunities coming!

1. Stay in contact
Always stay in contact with your vendors and customers year around. Keep them informed of your event and stay top of mind.

2. Follow Up
Many people make the mistake of not following up with prospective sponsors and vendors. Always follow up to keep interest and gain the edge.

3. Expand Your Network
Expand your network by meeting new people. Try to meet three new people each week. By expanding your circle of influence, your increase your chances of opportunity.

Opportunities is the lifeline of any business and is an event’s best friend. You never know when an opportunity will present itself and it is mostly in the form of a surprise!

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