Real Estate Marketing: Are You Ready?

Summer is almost upon us. School is almost over and it is time for the real estate season to begin. Before you go out of the office, make sure these things are done before meeting prospective clients.

1. Updated Listings
You probably have a list of homes that your clients wished to see. Keep in mind that your clients looked at your website as well, looking at the homes you have listed. Do all your listings have photos, descriptions, and pricing?

2.  Relationships
Make sure that your relationships with other realtors are intact. You never know what home your client will like and to make a smooth transaction, it is always best to do business with people who you know, like, and trust.

3. Listen Carefully
Did you listen to what your clients asked for? It is always best to be prepared but remember that your clients made these  requests for specific reason. It is always easiest to clarify than to guess and when you listen, you usually get rewarded with the sale!

Good luck with these tips!

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