I Dare You!

Something I’ve been struggling with is proving myself to clients when it comes to social media. They know that I’m knowledgeable when it comes to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but do I really know enough to help them with their business? It’s as if they dare me to try to come up with social media solutions for their business.

Enter my great friend Danielle. She was having some trouble with Facebook and came to me for a consultation. Within an hour, we worked out her Facebook issues and I showed her some tips and tricks for her Facebook page. She was very impressed with what I knew about Facebook.

She admitted that she thought she knew all there was to know about Facebook and that she didn’t think she needed help. She thought she could solve it herself. It got me thinking about my current problem and how I can solve it. Danielle came up with a very creative idea for me: a special Q&A session where I will answer questions about social media. She explained it would be perfect to show off my skills in social media and be helpful.

KR Design’s Social Media Dare Night was born! Tonight I will be holding an hour and a half Q&A session on questions about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If I can’t answer the question, the person will win a FREE 30 minute social media strategy session. It should be a lot of fun. Cross your fingers that I don’t get stumped!

16 thoughts on “I Dare You!

  1. Oh, that’s an awesome and creative idea! I wish you all the best! I’ve discovered the same thing in certain contexts – – that people think they know all there is to know and don’t realize that they need help. We don’t know what we don’t know!

    • Thanks Leanne! I’ll write a follow up post about it and I’m super excited yet nervous at the same time. I think it will go well, and everyone’s pretty excited.
      I’m getting great responses from the event and will definitely do another one!

    • Thanks Hajra and you’re right no one got a strategy session. Well, at the end I handed out one to every participant.
      It was a lot of fun and I’ll be doing it again.

    • Thanks Janette. It was a lot of fun and the questions they had…very interesting! It was a great way to show my expertise
      but help people at the same time. Will definitely be doing this again.

    • I did and we all had fun. It’s great to leave an impression and educate people on what social media can really do for their business.

  2. What a great idea Kristen, a great example of how two people can help each other. Unfortunately Ive missed it, but I am sure you would be fine after the first few minutes.
    Would love to know how it went.

    • It went very well and I had so much fun answering questions. It was great to help everyone who wanted to know more about social media. Just awesome!
      I’ll have a follow up post on Friday.

  3. Hi Kristen,

    Hope the Q&A night went well. I would be interested to hear the outcome. Did anyone win the 30 mins strategy session? I think it’s great that you are doing this as it shows that you are willing to give and at the same time, showcase your knowledge!

    • Thanks Diana! I’m writing a follow up post which I’ll share tomorrow. But for the record, I didn’t get stumped!

  4. I knew you wouldn’t get stumped from the evening but, maybe it was because I was not able to attend! Any future session that you do that might challenge you will also give you the gift of learning as well. Although I offer you a virtual trophy, I hope that this continued experience also opens doors to learning for both current and future clients as well as yourself. Best wishes friend.

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