Improving Your Business Image

In honor of National Business Image Improvement Month, we at KR Design decided to give a couple of tips on how to improve your business image:

1. Customer Service
This is the biggest detail that most business owners overlook. It might seem insignificant or simple but that is how a business earns it reputation. It is said that if a customer has a good experience, he/she will tell 10 people. If the customer had a bad experience, he/she will tell 26 people. Treat your customers fairly and thank them. They are the reason why you are still in business and they are your best source of advertising.

2. Employer/Employee Etiquette
The same can be said for your employees. Always treat them with respect and courtesy. A happy employee is the greatest asset of a business. Not only are they productive but they love their job and what they do. The enthusiasm and pride of their work will be contagious to all they meet, giving your products and services great reviews and recommendations to prospective clients.

3. Customer Surveys/Reviews
The best way to determine areas of improvement is to ask your customers. Your customers will not hesitate to tell you what they love about your product and service and what you can improve on. Listen to their suggestions of improvement and try implementing some ideas. This shows that you respect and value your customers.

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2 thoughts on “Improving Your Business Image

  1. I am taking your words to heart. I am going to thank one of my sources of customer communication directly after I leave this site! We should never overlook the “gift horse”. Thanks for a useful and important post to consider and remember.

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