3 More Twitter Tips You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

I love this post by Zubin Kutar: 5 Twitter Tips You Probably Haven’t Thought Of
There were some great tips that I never really thought about. It also made me think of some additional tips that are not top of mind when on Twitter. Here are a couple of Twitter tips that are small things but make a big difference.

3. Don’t ignore me!
Twitter is unforgiving. One bad etiquette move and it takes a while for others to forget. This is true with the @ mentions. If someone mentions you, don’t ignore them. Answer them back in a respectable amount of time. Nothing irks people more than being ignored. Not replying is similar to turning your back to someone when they are calling you.
Twitter Tip: Reply when someone @yourname. Be social by engaging, networking, and building a relationship.

2. What Do You Say?
Say thank you when someone retweets you. You should show appreciation to anyone who takes the time to read your content and decides to share it with their followers. It is one of the biggest compliments you can receive on Twitter. Saying “thank you” is a great way to
reciprocate the Twitter love.
Twitter Tip: Saying “thank you” is much more than showing appreciation. This gesture shows personal attention and can create a long-term Twitter follower.

1. Not leaving enough space
Tell me if this has happened to you before…
You’re on Twitter and you see this tweet that looks pretty interesting. You click on the link and the content was awesome! You just have to retweet this great content to your followers! You press the “Retweet” link on Twitter only to find out that your tweet is over 140 characters and you have to shorten the message. Ugh!
Twitter Tip: Leave 10-15 characters at the end of your tweet so others can retweet it without removing some of your information.

Are there any additional tips that you use on Twitter that you’re keeping secret? Share in the comments below and let us benefit, learn, and grow!

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