7 Reasons Why My Business Grew So Fast

What a weekend! Being at Lisa Sasevich’s Speak To Sell event this weekend was amazing. Even more so for me because it marked the start of a new chapter for me: the end of my 1st year in her prestigious Sassy Mastermind and transitioning into my 2nd year. As the weekend wore on, I reflected on what has propelled my growth as an entrepreneur. The same things that made the weekend fun, exciting, and inspiring were the same things that made my business grow by leaps and bounds. So, here are my reflections of the Speak To Sell event and the 7 reasons why my business grew so fast.

1. Be A Student
This wasn’t my first time at this event. I had taken Speak To Sell as an online program in 2012 and attended the live event twice. The hardest thing for entrepreneurs is to be a student when they’ve heard the same concept multiple times. They key is to be a student and listen from a new perspective. When you view things with a brand new lens, you’ll see things that you’ve never seen before.

2. Be Inspired
Surrounding myself with 400 people who were working on the same thing in their business was very inspiring. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned or when you’ve been in business for a long time, it’s hard to stay inspired. That’s one big reason why I love live events. It forces me to get out there, meet other people, and hearing other entrepreneurs’ business stories inspires me.

3. Being Uncomfortable
This is a BIG reason why my business has grown by leaps and bounds. When most entrepreneurs are uncomfortable, they take this as a sign that they’re going the wrong way. Actually, it’s the exact opposite: when you’re uncomfortable that’s when you’re moving in the right direction. This took me a long time to figure out but once I did, this catapulted my business into success that I had only dreamed of.

4. Staying Focused
With staying focused, I’m not talking about “keeping your eyes on the prize” or not being distracted. When I mean by this is setting aside time in your business to focus on areas of growth. For example, I dedicate one week per month for Business Development. This is a week where I don’t work with clients and I focus on one aspect of my business that I want to improve. This is another reason why I love live events. It forces you to make the time to focus on certain areas of your business and you get to learn on how to improve those areas.

5. Giving
This one is new for me and it’s really made a difference. My mentor has inspired me with her giving and tithing. I also love her definition of tithing: give 10% of what comes your way to people and organizations that feed your spiritually. I’ve been at it consistently this month and I’ve noticed not only what’s coming back to me (that’s pretty cool!) but I’m also constantly on the lookout to where I can tithe. The best part of all of this is the difference I’m making in people’s lives and just how a gift from me can brightens someone’s day.

6. Reminder of My Purpose
This is a hard one for veteran entrepreneurs. You have to keep reminding yourself of the reason why you’re in business and the mark you want to make in the world. When you think about it in that context, you realize that the reason “why” you’re in business is way bigger than you. There’s a bigger mission at stake and people need what you have to contribute. Being at Speak To Sell over the weekend was a good reminder. When attendees kept asking me “what do you do?” and I would reply “social media”, they would immediately become excited. I gave a couple of tips to people who asked and I know I made a difference in their social media marketing and how they can get more people to know about what they do. In a way, what I do can inspire global change because I help people get the word about their business to people who need them most. If you think about it, your business inspired global change too.

7. Community
The #1 reason why my business grew so fast is community. Being with 400 people over the weekend, reminded me that you can’t grow your business alone. You need a community. It’s critical that you’re part of a community where you have people who can lift you up and support you. It was great to be around my community of mastermind members over the weekend and we welcomed new members on the last day! That was fun!

What are some of the ways your business has made a quantum leap? Did I leave anything out? Comment below and let me know!

4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why My Business Grew So Fast

  1. Staying Focused! That was the one that hit home for me when reading your post Kristen. Giving yourself a dedicated week every month JUST to work on business development – smart. Great post!!!

    • Thanks Pamela! Now, I’m thinking of taking that further and doing my work in a different location. That would be fun!

  2. These are great Kristen! And I’ve watched as you’ve grown your business and can now see behind the scenes why. I can relate to all 7 ways and continue to honor those myself in growing myself and my business. Loved your post!

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