7 Reasons Why My Business Grew So Fast

What a weekend! Being at Lisa Sasevich’s Speak To Sell event this weekend was amazing. Even more so for me because it marked the start of a new chapter for me: the end of my 1st year in her prestigious Sassy Mastermind and transitioning into my 2nd year. As the weekend wore on, I reflected on what has propelled my growth as an entrepreneur. The same things that made the weekend fun, exciting, and inspiring were the same things that made my business grow by leaps and bounds. So, here are my reflections of the Speak To Sell event and the 7 reasons why my business grew so fast. Continue reading

You Don’t Know Until You Ask!

What a great weekend! Thanks to my network I got to meet some of the top UFC fighters in Hawaii. What an honor to meet some of the best Mixed Martial Arts fighters in person that came from Hawaii’s gyms! I’m still amazed at how it happened. Being from Los Angeles and wanting to go to the star-studded events, I know the importance of having a network of contacts to land you in front of the right person. Continue reading