Festivals & Events: Summer Marketing

The official first day of summer was June 21. People are getting settled into their summer rhythm and kids are ecstatic that school is over. Families are itching for something to do and need activities. This is where you come in: summer is the best time to hold an event!

How do I reach those people that want activity? The best kind of summer marketing is piggy backing on another event. Let’s be honest, summer can be chaotic. There are many events and many people leave on vacation, constantly coming and going. Piggy backing on another event is efficient and effective.

By advertising your event at other events, you are cutting your marketing costs and reaching the audience you would like at your event. You will also gain great ideas and concepts and possibly sponsors and volunteers. Also, attending numerous events heightens your visibility as well as the event and exposes you to different facets of your audience.

Don’t know where to look for other events? Try NC Festivals. The website is a North Carolina calendar of festivals and events. Good luck!

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