Why Network?

As a marketing company, we are appalled at how business professionals and entrepreneurs scoff at networking events. Why is this? Is it a waste of time? Some events can be useless but you have to know how to make the event work for you and use it to your advantage.

1. Have An Agenda In Place
Do not go an event without a plan. Obtain a guest list or ask the host who will be attending. Highlight the patrons who you would like to talk to. Plan for unexpected guests you might meet.

2. Bring A Friend
Shy? A little uncomfortable at social events? Bring a friend with you! Having someone who is outgoing can go a long way to meet new people.

3. It’s Not About You
Surprisingly,  a network event is not about you. It is about the other person, their business, and their target market and prospects. Be genuine about getting to know the people you meet, they will do the same for you.

Extra Bonus Tip: Be Prepared
There is nothing worse than going to an event, strike up a great conversation with someone, ask for a business card to keep in touch, and they do not have one! Come prepared with business cards to a networking event.  After all, you are there to create and build business relationships.

If the event was worthwhile, keep attending and be consistent! Building your network and your rapport with the guests will grow with your consistency and so will your sales.

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