An Interesting Journey of Reinvention

The journey started about 5 months ago. A couple of friends and clients asked me if I taught social media. At the time, I didn’t but a seed was planted and took root. About a month ago (and thanks to some support from family and a great lunch with Coach Jaynine), I decided to teach social media to business owners. I began conducting my research and found an overwhelming load of information!

As I began to sort through information and cram pages of books into my mind (thank you Mari Smith andDotJenna), I had an epiphany. How am I supposed to teach social media to business owners if my social media strategy wasn’t concrete? Immediately, a “practice what I preach” attitude was adopted and an audit was performed. I couldn’t believe at how many simple tools and techniques I wasn’t using!

This experience has been transforming. Not only am I reinventing my company’s image but I have now put myself in the situation that most of my business owners’ are going through. When classes start in September, I can relate to them and their questions. What a great journey and just in the nick of time!

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