5 Marketing Questions About Your Business

I love getting questions from readers, fans and followers! I got an interesting question over the weekend and just had to share it because it really made me sit back and think. The question was “What is the best way to market my business?”. It’s a good question but a pretty broad one. Marketing for each business is different because of the type of business and its industry. Although there is no specific answer, here are 5 questions to ask yourself when preparing to market your business. Continue reading

An Interesting Journey of Reinvention

The journey started about 5 months ago. A couple of friends and clients asked me if I taught social media. At the time, I didn’t but a seed was planted and took root. About a month ago (and thanks to some support from family and a great lunch with Coach Jaynine), I decided to teach social media to business owners. I began conducting my research and found an overwhelming load of information! Continue reading