3 More Ways to Get More Business at Networking Events

After reading a great article from Ivan Misner on business networking, I realized how important networking is to my business. I aim to attend two networking events a week or meet five new people a week. Networking is one of the effective ways of getting the word out about your company and gaining credibility. Here are some additional ways to get more business at networking events.

3. Scan the Invite List
Most networking events use Evite, EventBrite, or some e-mail invitation service. When registering for the event, scan the attendee list. Who is coming to the event? What company do they represent? Make a list of of the attendees you wish to meet. This gives you an agenda for the networking event.

2. Get An Introduction
I can’t begin to count how many times I have been introduced to a prospective client and it has led to a wonderful relationship. It is always helpful when a friend or client can pave the way for you to meet someone who can help your business. This is impressive¬†when the person you are being introduced to is on your target list of people to meet!

1. Become A Sponsor
Certain networking events have sponsorships available for companies. For instance, I’m thinking of being a beverage sponsor for Coastal Business And Social Hour on Sept. 9. By purchasing wine and beverage for 30-45 attendees, I get a link to my website and a couple of minutes of face time. Since my company is B2B, this can go a long way.

Did I miss anything? Be sure to comment and let me know!

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