Sports Marketing: LeBron James

As July 1 looms closer, GMs, owners, and even team members are going crazy over LeBron James and are trying to sway him to come to their team. This NBA Free Agency period is going to be the popular topic for weeks and perhaps years to come. Who would’ve thought that the summer of 2010 would find Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Joe Johnson, and some of the NBA’s best players available?

One thing is for sure: some of the most creative sports marketing campaigns have been created to lure these stars. From the Los Angeles Clippers’ fans holding a parade for LeBron James and a minor league team offering $1,600 a month  to obtain the current NBA MVP, this is the time to gather creative ideas for your own team. Yes, you may toss aside the concepts that are too outlandish.

Pay close attention to these next couple of weeks in the NBA. It’s guaranteed to be entertaining with free agency and the upcoming NBA Draft but it’s also going to be a great marketing seminar in progress.

NBA Free Agency Tracker
LA Clipper fans trying to get LeBron James
Minor league team vying to get NBA MVP

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