Sports: Ochocinco & T.O.?

You can’t ignore the latest news of Terrell Owens joining Chad Ochocinco on the Cincinnati Bengals. Critics are still reacting almost a week later, giving their analysis on the situation. Yes, both receivers have extreme personalities and both have caused trouble in the locker room and with their quarterbacks. But you can’t ignore the numbers: T.O.’s 144 career receiving TDs (2nd All-time) and Ochocinco the king of receiving in the last 7 of 8 years with the Bengals. Continue reading

Sports Update: Chris Paul

Now that LeBron James’ decision to go to Miami is forgotten (well, almost forgotten), Chris Paul has stepped up and wishes to be traded. This was definitely out of the blue, especially since the young guard signed a 4 year, $68 contract extensionat the end of 2008. Speculation has risen if this is truly Paul’s wishes, since has fired his agents at Octagon and joined LRMR Marketing, LeBron James’ marketing company. Continue reading