MWIB Radio 025: Say “No!” and Be Focused With Heather Lehman

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Heather Sayers Lehman has mastered the art of overcoming. Heather left a childhood home of drug addiction, public assistance and chaos during her senior year of high school. In her 30s, she created a series of epic disasters and decided it was time to get her “stuff” together! She became the hero of her own story and began mentoring others on overcoming. Heather created a business to help busy mothers stop people pleasing, feeling guilty and playing small AKA getting your “stuff” together! Continue reading

MWIB Radio 024: Get It Done With the Queen of Accountability, Kimberley Borgens

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Honored as recipient of the Small Business Person of the Year award from both the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Administration Northern California region, Kimberley Borgens, “The Queen of Accountability”, teaches business leaders how to unleash their CEO power to create a bigger impact, massive income results and attain their dreams while staying true to their values. Her genuine love for business keeps her constantly moving forward and taking action and because she is strong willed she helps her clients be resilient and focus on what they are going after. Continue reading