What To Do When The Haters Come Out

I got my first hater today! That’s probably something I shouldn’t just announce out loud and be excited about, but I am! After all this time doing Facebook Ads for myself and my clients, I FINALLY got my first snarky comment. I’m surprised it’s never happened before, but here I am excited that it has. I’m happy for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that in the online marketing industry, it’s like a badge of honor. You haven’t been online long enough until you start getting condescending, “who do you think you are?” comments. It’s like a sign that you’ve paid your dues. Continue reading

My 2016 One Word Theme = Consistency

New Year Word Theme-MWIB

I’m sure you’ve seen the internet world buzzing with one word themes. I don’t know about you but I really take the time to think about what mine will be. For me, my one word theme is the key to everything that I want to accomplish for the year. For 2015, my one word theme was “Build”, and last year lived up to building (For more about my 2015 theme, check out that blog post here). I built a solid KR Design community and even started a community for military spouse entrepreneurs, the Military Women In Business Community. I also built a reputation as a Facebook Ads expert because that was the method I was growing my communities. As a result, I got hired to do Facebook Ads for online entrepreneurs who were launching online programs (very cool!). I even started building business guidelines around my own personal time and had 18 personal days off last year. Now that I’ve built a solid foundation for my business, I thought about what my one word theme should be for 2016 and what I should focus on. Continue reading