Why Is My Facebook Ad Not Working? (Part 1)

FB Freebie - Set D

One of the biggest fears about Facebook Ads is knowing whether or not it’s going to work. It’s a risk and a gamble to us as business owners and entrepreneurs if we wrote the right text, selected the right photo, and chose the right audience. I’ve been noticing that there is A LOT of information out there about Facebook Ads. Even I have seen great results (over 200 leads in 23 days!) using Facebook Ads. But no one really talks about how you know if it’s working or what happens when your ad isn’t working.
Kristen Disclaimer: I’m about to be vulnerable, personal, and admit some mistakes that most social media marketers wouldn’t reveal to their audience. If you’re interested, read on. Continue reading

How I Went From 0 to 200 Leads in 23 Days Using Facebook Ads (Part 1)

MilSpouse Biz Summit Thank You

Last month, KR Design hosted “The Military Spouse Business Summit”, a 4 day virtual event for military spouses who would like to start a business. It was a lot of fun, our speakers were great and the feedback was phenomenal!

It was a good thing that the summit was a success because I had a big problem as I was getting ready for the summit. I didn’t know how to reach military spouses about this awesome event. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit. I’m a military spouse myself and I’m supposed to be this great social media marketer and I didn’t know how to reach my audience online!

The truth is, I had spent the last 4 years attracting entrepreneurs and business professionals for my business. When KR Design first started in 2010, we were a marketing agency. In 2012, I wanted to change direction. I was getting tired of doing websites, logos, and promotional products and I loved social media. So, we scaled down our services to offer only social media marketing and it was the best decision I ever made for my business. So, for the past 2 years, I’ve spent my time building my business as a social media marketer. Continue reading