How I Got Over 21,000 Hearts in 1 Periscope Broadcast

My 100th broadcast on Periscope was such a special milestone for me. To press the red button 100 times and put myself out there in the Periscope and Twitter universe was cause for a celebration. I decided to host an amazing scope experience where I answered questions about Facebook Ads and give away some cool prizes.

What I failed to realize was that I had created one of the biggest marketing opportunities for my business. I really had no intention of marketing my business for my 100th scope, I just wanted to celebrate something special that I had accomplished. But what transpired turned out to be bigger than what I had anticipated or expected: over 21,000 hearts + 67 live viewers + hundreds of people seeing tweets about MY scope all over Twitter = MASSIVE visibility! How did it happen? Good question and I’ll share the 3 things I did so you can do them too! Continue reading

I Wanted To Give Up On Strategy Sessions

If you ever tried to do high ticket selling in your business, you know that it can be frustrating at times. Frustrating in the fact that you’re not speaking with the right people. And let’s not forget about the pressure that you have leading these conversations. You’re listening to the potential client on the other end of the phone and you know you can help them but you don’t want to sound too pushy or sales-y. Sigh…it’s like going out on a date and you like the person and you hope they like you enough to go out on a second date and possibly a third. Yes, I was so frustrated with high ticket selling, that I just wanted to quit.

I felt like I couldn’t quit. This so-called frustrating strategy is what helped me make over $12k in the last 90 days of 2015 with only 5 hours of work over the phone! And yet, the thought of getting on the phone and speaking with someone made me want to give an evil eye to my iPhone. The day I decided not to do high ticket selling in my business, I had 1 phone appointment on my calendar. My mood began to pick up because this was it! This was the last person I was going to talk to! And then it happened… Continue reading