The Power of Collaboration: Don’t Underestimate It!

What do a real estate agent, window treatment specialist, and a marketing consultant have in common? Probably nothing at a quick glance. Upon thinking about it for a while, you might come up with this: “the window treatment specialist puts window treatments in the home the real estate agent is selling and the marketing consultant is marketing the home the real estate agent is trying to sell”. That’s possible, but what really happened went beyond the scope of what the three of us imagined. Continue reading

Why Consistency is Key in Social Media

In social media, there so many keys to success: great content, the timing of your content, how much is too much or too little…and so on. The biggest one is consistency. You have to be consistent with your posts, tweets, and updates. What good is great information if it’s not ready and available?

When you’re not consistent in your updates, it’s hard to follow you. Your audience doesn’t know when information will be available and when it’s not there. If you don’t feed your audience when it wants information, they’ll leave hungry, and go elsewhere for the information that they’re seeking. Be consistent to maintain and grow your following. Continue reading