7 Reasons Why My Business Grew So Fast

What a weekend! Being at Lisa Sasevich’s Speak To Sell event this weekend was amazing. Even more so for me because it marked the start of a new chapter for me: the end of my 1st year in her prestigious Sassy Mastermind and transitioning into my 2nd year. As the weekend wore on, I reflected on what has propelled my growth as an entrepreneur. The same things that made the weekend fun, exciting, and inspiring were the same things that made my business grow by leaps and bounds. So, here are my reflections of the Speak To Sell event and the 7 reasons why my business grew so fast. Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Military Spouses Should Be Entrepreneurs

13406377_mI stumbled upon an interesting article from Spouse Buzz. Recently, a bill has been proposed to Congress that would guarantee you (the spouse) time off before your service member deploys no matter what kind of job you have (You can read the article here). Apparently, this is not the first time they’ve tried to pass something like this. According to Spouse Buzz, an almost identical law was proposed last year and promptly died.

When I read articles such as these, it breaks my heart because it would be nice to have time off before our service member deploys. But for some of us, it’s just not possible. When I look at my entrepreneurial journey, I smile because having the freedom and flexibility to be at home and working around my husband’s schedule is a blessing. Of course that’s the only thing I enjoy as the owner of KR Design! So, here’s 7 reasons why military spouses should consider entrepreneurship.

1. Working from home
Let’s be honest, one of the things people crave about working a job is that they wish they worked from home. It saves time on commuting, money on gas, and even the convenience of eating from home (I personally love it when we have leftovers from dinner because I know what will be my lunch for the next day!). This is especially a plus if you’re a mom and have children. Not only do you save money on daycare, but you’re there at home for the unexpected things. Continue reading