5 Ways To Market Your Business WITHOUT Using Facebook

I just off the phone with Stephanie, one of my closest friends, a couple of hours ago. We were swapping business stories and she asked me an interesting question: “If Facebook NEVER existed, how would you market your business?” My first thought was “Really Stephanie?”. That’s hard for me to imagine because over 60% of my email list was built using Facebook Ads. If Facebook ceased to exist, a big part of my lead generation plan would be gone. As we discussed some options, I started to realize how dependent I was on Facebook. Yikes! After some brain dumping, I came up with the top 5 ways to market your business WITHOUT using Facebook. Interesting-right? Continue reading

10 Ways To Promote Your Business On Facebook

Many people think that Facebook Business pages aren’t really useful. That’s definitely not true. With Facebook Ads becoming more popular than ever and Facebook Live coming on the scene, your Facebook Business page is more important than ever. Why? Think about it: all of your Facebook marketing activity centers around your Facebook Business page. You can’t do Facebook Ads without a Facebook Business page and you definitely want to broadcast from your Facebook Business page. But is that all Facebook Business pages are good for? Nope! Let me give you 10 ways to promote your business on Facebook and most of them involving your Facebook Business page. Continue reading