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Why Aren’t You Using Facebook Ads?

What a week! We just wrapped up the Military Women In Business Summit! It was my 3rd virtual summit and the speaker lineup was amazing. We had over 275 attendees and the best promoter was my Facebook Ad. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? Just in case this is too good to be true, let me breakdown the numbers for you…

  • 27% of the summit attendees signed up through my Facebook Ad
  • My Facebook Ad reached over 24,000 people on Facebook
  • $3.00 cost per attendee average for my Facebook Ad

So, my question to you is: “How come you’re not using Facebook Ads for your business?” If you could reach over 24,000 people with your products and services and pay only $3.00 for each person who was interested, would that make a difference in your business? Check out the KR Design Monday Marketing Minute video and let us know how you’ll be using Facebook Ads in your business!

Your Facebook Questions Answered: Does Boosting Posts Really Work?

I get A LOT of Facebook Ad questions, but one of the biggest questions I get is “Does boosting my Facebook post really work and attract clients?” So, I wasn’t too surprised that when I was asked to do a Q&A session for Allison Volk’s #BlogStar program, it was one of the first questions to come up.

To answer the question about boosting Facebook posts…not really. If you’re using the “Boost Post” button to get more engagement, than by all means boost away! If you’re looking to get clients and people interested in your products and services, then no. I even explain the results of my experiment (boosting posts vs. using the Power Editor for Facebook Ads) on the video with Allison! Read More→