Sports: Ochocinco & T.O.?

You can’t ignore the latest news of Terrell Owens joining Chad Ochocinco on the Cincinnati Bengals. Critics are still reacting almost a week later, giving their analysis on the situation. Yes, both receivers have extreme personalities and both have caused trouble in the locker room and with their quarterbacks. But you can’t ignore the numbers: T.O.’s 144 career receiving TDs (2nd All-time) and Ochocinco the king of receiving in the last 7 of 8 years with the Bengals. Continue reading

Inspiration Comes In Many Forms

Being in marketing, you have to be creative. You also have to have “out of the box” thinking and fresh, unique ideas. It also helps to be willing to learn and expand your knowledge of marketing and public relations. These last couple of months have been great, gathering ideas from clients but also from friends and family. If you’re feeling stuck in your marketing, here are a couple of places to look for inspiration: Continue reading