Nothing is Stumping Me Now!

Yes, it’s official: I did not get stumped! Hooray!

KR Design’s Social Media Dare Night was May 17 and it was a great event! Participants from various industries came to this special Q&A session to learn more about social media and how it can help grow their business. It was so much fun. I was thrilled at the questions that were thrown at me and I was amazed at how much they wanted to know. The greatest feeling came over me knowing that I was helping people solveĀ  mysteries about social media. I will admit that some questions were pretty tricky and I almost got stumped. But with every experience in life, I took away a very precious lesson or two… Continue reading

Don’t Shout At Me Please!

Businesses recognize that social media is great way to reach their customers. Social media has opened up a new world of communication between company and consumer. What businesses have not realized is how to use this new communication to their advantage. Businesses cannot shout out advertisements at their customers and potential clients. You have to give information to receive. Continue reading